Proven Methods of Bringing Traffic to Your Site

These are the most common and successful ways that high-traffic affiliate marketing sites have gained their position on the web:

1. Search engines– This is by far the most common way to gain traffic to your site. If you have opportunity to view the log files of a popular website, you will see that they derive a large portion of their daily traffic from search engines. If you want to improve your performance with the search engines, you need to study and understand how they work.

2. Number of pages on your site– This one only makes sense when you think about. The more pages your site has, the higher your traffic will be. Think about it. If you have 5 pages on your site and every visitor looks at all 5, then that equals 5 hits per visitor. If 5 people visit, that equals 25 page views and so on and so forth. Having more pages will increase your search engine traffic.

3. Optimize all your pages– If you are going for SEO, be sure you optimize all of your pages not just your home page. This ensures that your site pages are coming up under multiple search phrases and not simply just your home page. This brings in more specific types of traffic and people who are actually interested in your site which will lead to a higher conversion rate. Better optimization on each of your pages will lead to more traffic and success.

4. Domain name– If you can get keywords actually in your domain name, this can increase your search ranking and traffic as well. While it is not always possible, it is very beneficial if you can pull it off.

5. Check your log files– Once you have launched your site, be sure to watch and study your log files to see what types of keywords people are typing in to find your site. These log files will show you what search engine keywords brought people to your site and often, you will be surprised at what you see. This will help you make changes to your site to increase the traffic based on those facts taken from the log files.

6. Link popularity– A higher number of incoming links will boost your search engine rankings as well. Remember that quality of quantity is best when choosing the sites you will link share with.

Now you know what methods will work to bring traffic to your site but you may still be wondering exactly how to do all of this. If you do not know how to use SEO and SEM and you do not have a full understanding of keyword placement and how it works with web traffic, it may benefit you more to hire someone to help you optimize your site for traffic. Paying an expert to do it right the first time will save you more in the long run than doing a poor job of trying to build affiliate marketing traffic on your own when you don’t know what you are doing.

If you plan to do it yourself, make sure you learn as much as possible about each method listed above and the best way to implement them to be successful. Don’t just trust the word of other internet marketers. Look into the facts and find out the truth of what works and what doesn’t and how things work. If you take a proactive approach with gaining traffic to your site, you will be more successful and will see the numbers that you want to be seeing.

In addition to these methods there are other ways of increasing traffic to your site. You can advertise on television, in magazines and on advertisements on the internet itself. Word of mouth is also a great way to increase your traffic. If people like your site, they will tell more people about it so remember that a good quality site is as important to increasing affiliate marketing traffic as all the other methods combined.

Top 20 Internet Millionaires Under 30 !

Ferrari - Internet MillionairesInternet is a great place to find the thing/s you are looking for, also it is a place where some people get rich, even millionaires. There are different ways to do it, some are making a profitable online business such as valuable internet resources, affiliate marketing companies, top affiliate marketers, developers and so on, but the common between them are: internet and the great idea they have on their minds. We also see young men and women, who drive shiny cars, leaving in nice looking houses and having enough money to live happy. Well, some of these people could be you someday.

Here is the list of Top 20 Internet Millionaires Under 30 !:

1. Mark Zuckerberg [ Facebook ] 23 years old – $700M

2. Andrew Gower [ Runescape ] 28 years old – $650M

3. Blake Ross and David Hyatt [ Mozilla ] 22 years old – $120M

4. Chad Hurley [ Youtube ] 30 years old – $85M

5. Angelo Sotira [ Deviant ART ] 26 years old – $75M

6. Markus Frind [ Plenty of Fish ] 29 years old – $10M

7. Catherine and David Cook [ My Year Book ] 17 & 19 years old – $10M

8. Fredrik Neij [ The Pirate Bay ] 28 years old – $10M

9. David Hauser & Siamak Taghaddos [ GotvMail ] 24 years old – $8M

10. Jermaine Griggs [ Hear and Play ] 23 years old – $5M

11. Jay Westerdal [ Domain Tools ] 29 years old – $5M

12. Sean Belnick [ Biz Chair ] 20 years old – $42M

13. John Vechey [ PopCap Games ] 28 years old – $60M

14. Alexander Levin [ WordPress ] 23 years old – $57M

15. Jake Nickell [ Threadless ] 28 years old – $50M

16. Kevin Rose [ Digg ] 30 years old – $31M

17. Ryan Block [ Engadget ] 25 years old – $20M

18. Aodhan Cullen [ Stat Counter ] 24 years old – $18M

19. Tom Fulp [ Newgrounds ] 29 years old – $15M

20. Rishi Kacker and Matt Pauker [ Voltage ] 24 years old – $12M

Beach - Affiliate Marketing MillionaireKeep up the good job and remember this: with hard work and wonderful ideas you could be next in this list. Every year some of the internet marketers and gurus dealing with online marketing reach this amount of money.