Affiliate Marketing – Can You Make Money With It?

Affiliate marketing is a wide-spread strategy used in Internet marketing where a merchant or webmaster rewards affiliates for their marketing efforts which direct potential clients to the website where they view a sales page and if sufficiently impressed with the product they may make a purchase. Affiliate marketing, AM for short, is the act of selling a product for a commission and if it is done correctly the rewards can be huge and of course you can work from home.

This type of marketing has made a terrific impact on the Internet marketing scene, particularly on those companies which started in the early years of e-commerce. It is the most cost effective sort of marketing there is, and is indeed incredibly efficient.

It has now become normal practice for companies to include affiliates in their marketing plans, as it offers a very attractive online channel with complete precision and accountability.

Affiliate organizations are varied and include individuals, organizations and businesses, networks, management companies, third party vendors, and other affiliates that promote the products and services of their partners.

Affiliate marketing really is an excellent system. You never have to touch a product, carry stock, or arrange deliveries. And when the customer makes a purchase you get paid. Network marketing is an extension of AM and also involves selling a product for a commission, but in addition it focuses on bringing other resellers (or affiliate marketers, distributors or representatives) into the program as well.

AM is not difficult work, but the marketer does need to have a clear understanding of what she or he is aiming to achieve. It is definitely a good way to build a business that can potentially become a full time job. To be an affiliate of third party companies like Commission Junction or Clickbank costs you nothing. The affiliate’s objective is to sell or get leads for someone else’s service or product. Because this form of marketing is attractive many people are drawn in to the business and it has therefore become very competitive

As an affiliate you begin by placing ads for your chosen product on your Web site and/or in suitable advertising sites. When a user clicks on the ad, your visitor will go to the Web site where the product is described and they can learn of the potential benefits the product or service will provide for them. The affiliate marketer is performance driven because he or she is paid only when the merchant has achieved the predetermined goal This goal can be anything that a merchant has to get done, for example getting conversions (convincing the customer to buy his product), accumulating data, leads generation, getting feedback or anything at all. The whole idea of affiliate marketing is based on the “No cure no pay “-principle.

Generating extra income has become much easier although very competitive. Thousands of the more popular products are marketed on the internet every day using affiliate marketing strategies. Most companies and vendors make use of affiliates to sell their product or service, there-by greatly increasing their turnover and at the same time the affiliate is able to earn money.

Internet Marketing Success

Internet marketing success could be defined differently for each and every person online, although I think that there are some very specific guidelines by which we can measure internet marketing success.

I think that internet marketing success has a lot to do with the original intent of each individual marketer. When you get online and decide you want to do something online, then that is your personal measure of success in your life, at least as it pertains to internet marketing success.

When you get started online, you might be thinking that internet marketing success is to make an extra $100 per month. Or maybe you think that internet marketing success is just getting a web site live and online – and that is a perfectly good measure of success online!

For me, online marketing success is that I can work 100% from the freedom of my own home – and with wireless internet, I can literally work anywhere my laptop gets a wireless signal. For me, that is success.

So you have to define for yourself what is your definition of success online. Is internet marketing success to have a web site live, or is it to have some set number of pages online. Or is internet success to you some amount of income? Or maybe internet marketing success is some combination of all of these. Maybe for you it is the freedom of working for yourself, but also incorporates a measure of income also.

What is internet marketing success to you?

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Business Opportunity – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very real home-based opportunity, especially when using your chosen business opportunity websites. To promote your website, you will need to get targeted traffic to it. One excellent way to promote your business opportunity home internet business is to write and submit articles to directories. That way you get free targeted traffic to your affiliate website.

The right business opportunity home internet business will propel any individual to have a lucrative income. Probably the easiest home based business opportunity is to become an affiliate. An affiliate is a person that signs up to sell the products for any affiliate program. These affiliate business opportunity websites let you promote the product or products you choose, and receive a commission on the sales that are made.

Literally thousands of websites on the internet are offering one kind of money making business opportunity home internet business or another. Business opportunity websites that offer multiple income streams have been proven to be a very profitable business opportunity.

Web traffic is very important for your business opportunity home internet business. You can be sure that if a website does not have a lot of visitors on a regular basis, the website will not survive and stay in business for very long.

It is possible to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars online with Clickbank. If you get with the right business opportunity home internet business marketing techniques and strategies, your opportunity is just a click away. One of the very best marketing techniques, is to get a turnkey business opportunity website and get started making a great living online.

Tips to Get Repeat Web Affiliate Marketing Traffic

1. Update the pages on your website frequently. Stagnant affiliate marketing sites are dropped by some search engines. You can even put a date counter on the page to show when it was last updated.

2. Offer additional value on your website. For affiliates and partners you can place links to their sites and affiliate products and ask them to do the same for you. You can also advertise their books or videos, if these products relate to your industry and are not in competition with your own product.

Web Affiliate Marketing Traffic

3. You can allow customers to ‘opt in’ to get discounts and special offers. Place a link on your site to invite customers to ‘opt in’ to get a monthly newsletter or valuable coupons.

4. Add a link to your primary page with a script ‘Book Mark or Add this site to your Favorites’.

5. Add a link ‘Recommend this site to a Friend’ so that the visitor can email your website link, with a prewritten title, “Thought you might be interested in this”, just by clicking on it.

6. Brand your website so that visitors always know they are on your site. Use consistent colors, logos and slogans and always provide a ‘Contact Us’ link on each page.

7. Create a ‘Our Policies’ page that clearly defines your philosophy and principles in dealing with your customers. Also post your privacy policy as well so that clients know they are secure when they visit your site.

8. Create a FAQ page which addresses most of the doubts and clarifications about your affiliate product or your company that are likely to be asked. This helps to resolve most of the customers doubts in their first visit to your site.

9. Ensure that each page on your website has appropriate titles and keywords so that your customer can find their way back to your site if they lose the book mark.

10. Never spam a client, who has opted for newsletters, with unsolicited emails. Later if they decide they want to ‘opt out’ of the mailings, be sure you honor their request and take them off the mailing list. They may still come back if they like your affiliate marketing products. But they will certainly not come back if you continue to flood their email box with mails they no longer wish to receive. – Brand new VPS plans and Dedicated servers review site

vpsbox.euAll of you, who want to start an Internet business need 3 main things – domain (site) name, website and hosting (virtual area on the Internet). The investment is usually worth the resources that will be allocated to achieve the end-point result – working Internet business. More often, people are looking to optimize their costs when it comes to pay resources in order to develop and stat their online journey.

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What you can actually find on the site?

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5. Objective reviews of customers, who have experience with the companies or will have such

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Top 20 Free Blogging Platforms

There are a lot of blog platforms that you need to have blog on them. Blogs are: easy to be made, manged and promoting in the net. Every real webmaster as well as site owner with not so much experience has a blog, even my cat has a blog. In this post you will see top 20 of most popular free blog platforms ever.

The top 20 chart looks like this:







Check out this free blog hosting service Visit online












Insane Journal


Clear Blogs


















Have a nice blogging. 🙂

How to write articles to boost sales 2

If you’ve been checking out this series of articles, you’ve seen how important it is for any serious affiliate marketer to have good web content. Good content can mean the difference between someone clicking onto your site and clicking away a moment later and someone staying for a while and then clicking through to buy the affiliate marketing product or service you’re trying to sell. But what if you just aren’t a very good writer? What if your mind is programmed for business, not English. Don’t worry, there are options for you.

• Search the public domain. There are millions of articles that are currently in the public domain that you can use on your web site free of charge. A simple web search can bring up hundreds of these kinds of articles. And the best part is you can edit them, change them, alter them or do whatever you want to them so that they sound exactly like you want them to. You don’t have to worry about paying any authors or stepping on any toes. This is an excellent way to go if you don’t want to write content yourself.

• You can pay companies to write content for you, and in most cases, it’s cheaper than you think, having in mind what the affiliate marketing payment are. When you consider how important good web content is, paying someone a few dollars to write exactly what you need isn’t such a bad idea. Of course, some companies charge more than others and it always pays to shop around, but don’t shut yourself off to the idea of paying for content. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money and this is one of those cases if you don’t want to write your own web content.

• Maybe the best choice of the three is to simply read and learn. Spend a week or two clicking around on the Internet and reading the web content on other affiliate websites. Take as much of that content in and then try to write in a similar style about the product you’re trying to sell. You don’t instantly become the best writer in the world this way, but studies have shown that the more you read, the better writer you’ll be. Experience pays and the more you know about how to write in this style, the easier it will be.

Having solid web content can’t be overstated. You will never have a truly successful affiliate marketing website unless you have good content for your affiliate marketing sites. If you can’t write it yourself, you do have other options, but the best thing you can do is to learn how to write in this style. It will be an investment that will pay off time and time again.

15 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

1. Write Well and Write Often

Frequently updating your blog with useful content is the first step to building your blog’s audience. The content you write is what will keep readers coming back for more. Make sure you have something meaningful to say to them and say it often to maintain their interest and keep them loyal.

Furthermore, post frequently to increase the number of chances you have for your blog’s content to be noticed by search engines such as Google or Technorati.
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2. Submit Your Blog to Search Engines !!! – not necessary

Get on the radar screen for the popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo! by submitting your blog’s URL to them. Most search engines provide a ‘Submit’ link (or something similar) to notify the search engine of your new blog, so those search engines will crawl it and include your pages in their results.

It’s important to understand that simply submitting your blog to search engines doesn’t mean your pages will appear at the top of a Google search results screen, but at least your blog will be included and will have the chance of being picked up by a search engine.

3. Use and Update Your Blogroll

By adding links to sites you like in your blogroll, the owners of those blogs will find your blog and will be likely to add a reciprocal link in their blogrolls. It’s an easy way to get the link to your blog in front of many readers on other blogs. The hope is that some of those readers will click on the link to your blog on the other blogs’ blogrolls and find your content interesting and enjoyable turning them into loyal readers.

4. Harness the Power of Comments

Commenting is a simple and essential tool to increase your blog’s traffic. First, respond to comments left on your blog to show your readers that you value their opinions and draw them into a two-way conversation. This will increase reader loyalty.

Second, leave comments on other blogs to drive new traffic. Make sure you leave your blog’s URL in your comment, so you create a link back to your own blog. Many people will read the comments left on a blog post. If they read a particularly interesting comment, they are highly likely to click on the link to visit the commentor’s website. It’s important to make sure you leave meaningful comments that are likely to invite people to click on your link to read more.

5. Syndicate Your Blog’s Content with an RSS Feed

Setting up an RSS feed button on your blog makes it easy for your loyal readers to not just read your blog but also know when you publish new content.

6. Use Links and Trackbacks

Links are one of the most powerful parts of your blog. Not only are links noticed by search engines, but they also act as a tap on the shoulder to other bloggers who can easily identify who is linking to their sites. Linking helps to get you noticed by other bloggers who are likely to investigate the sites that are linking to them. This may lead them to become new readers of your blog or to add links to your blog from theirs.

You can take links to other blogs a step further by leaving a trackback on the other blog to let them know you’ve linked to them. Blogs that allow trackbacks will include a link back to your blog in the comments section of the post that you originally linked to. People do click on trackback links!

7. Tag Your Posts

It takes a few extra seconds to add tags to each of your blog posts, but it’s worth the time in terms of the additional traffic tags can drive to your blog. Tags (like links) are easily noticed by search engines. They’re also key to helping readers find your blog when they perform searches on popular blog search engines such as Technorati.

8. Submit Your Posts to Social Bookmarking Sites

Taking the time to submit your best posts to social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and more can be a simple way to quickly boost traffic to your blog.

9. Remember Search Engine Optimization

When you write your blog posts and pages, remember to optimize your pages for search engines to find them. Include relevant keywords and links but don’t overload your posts with too many relevant keywords or completely irrelevant keywords. Doing so can be considered spamming and could have negative results such as your blog being removed from Google’s search entirely.

10. Don’t Forget Images

Images don’t just make your blog look pretty, they also help people find you in search engine listings. People often use the image search options offered by Google, Yahoo! and other search engines, and naming your images with search engine optimization in mind can easily boost your traffic.

11. Consider Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be done when you write a guest post on another blogger’s blog or when another blogger writes a guest post on your blog. Both methods are likely to increase traffic as your blog will be exposed to the other blogger’s audience. Many of the other blogger’s readers will visit your blog to see what you have to say.
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12. Join Forums, Web Rings or Online Groups

Find online forums, web rings, groups or social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn where you can share ideas and ask questions of like-minded individuals. Add a link to your blog in your signature line or profile, so each time you post on a forum or participate in another online network, you’re indirectly promoting your blog. Chances are many people will click on that link to learn more about you.

13. Promote Outside Your Blog

Promoting your blog shouldn’t stop when you step outside the blogosphere. Add your blog’s URL to your email signature and business cards. Talk about it in offline conversations. It’s important to get your name and your blog’s URL noticed offline, too.

14. Nominate Yourself and Other Blogs for Blog Awards

There are a number of blog awards given out throughout the year. Nominating yourself and other blogs and bloggers can draw attention to your blog and drive traffic to it.

15. Don’t Be Shy

The most important part of the blogosphere is its community and much of your success as a blogger will be tied to your willingness to network with that community. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, join conversations or just say hi and introduce yourself. Don’t sit back and hope the online world will find you. Speak out and get yourself noticed. Let the blogosphere know you’ve arrived and have something to say!

10 Awesome Ways To Attract More Orders

1. Create a free ebook directory on a specific topic at your web site. People will visit your web site to read the free ebooks and may see your product ad.

2. Turn part of your web site into a members only web site. Instead of charging for access, use it as a free bonus for one of your products.

3. Add a free classified ad section to your web site. You could then trade banner ads with other web sites that have free classified ad sections.

4. Create two versions of your e-zine so people can choose if they want ads included with it or not. This’ll attract the people who hate ads to subscribe.

5. Publish your e-zine only on your web site. Have people subscribe to a “new issue” e-mail reminder. This could really increase your traffic and sales.

6. Sell advertising space in your product package. You could sell inserts, flyers, brochures, booklets, and digital ads for electronic products.

7. Offer daily or weekly visitor bonuses. This will increase your repeat traffic and sales because your visitors will visit regularly to get the visitor bonuses.

8. Allow people to download software or e-books from your web site at no cost. Just ask your visitors in return if they’ll refer their friends to your web site.

9. Build up the number of people that join your free affiliate program quickly by temporally offering your product for free to the people that sign up.

10. Negotiate with e-zine publishers to get free or discounted ads by letting them join your affiliate program and earn commissions on the ad you run.

9 Great Ways To Build Links To Your Website

  • Build a “X list”. Meaning a list of however many things you want on your topic. Example: 10 Ways To Make Money Online. People like to link to these type of posts/articles
  • Add a privacy policy and a picture of yourself to build authority on your website/blog
  • Create a list of the top 10 myths for a specific category
  • Post comments on other peoples blogs
  • Produce a free e-book and put a link for it on your homepage
  • Link to other blogs. By doing this most bloggers can track where links are coming from and they may in turn link back to your blog
  • Build a tool collection. Tools are always useful and people like to link to lists of useful tools
  • Add your posts to social marketing websites such as Digg and get your friends to tag it so hopefully it gets to the front page of the website and gets lots of hits / links
  • Make your content easy to understand and follow so that people are more likely to link to it

15 Awesome Search Tricks For Google

1. Google Calculator
How this works is your type an equation into the search field and it will give you the result. Example: 2*4 – 23*5 + 1000. After you type this in and click search or enter it will give you the result. You can do addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/), to the power of (^), and square root of a number (sqrt).

2. Dictionary Definitions
You can get the definition of a word by typing “define:” followed by the word. Example: define: canucks. This will get you the definition of canucks.

3. Search for a specific title
Suppose you came across a website you thought was awesome but you forgot to bookmark the site and only remembered the title of it and wanted to find it again. Well you can search by title with Google to hopefully find that website a bit more easily. All you need to do is type “intitle: then the title”. By doing this you will only get results of websites with that line in the title.

4. Google Converter
This is a very useful one if you need to convert something from one unit to another unit quickly. All you need to do is type something like “5km in miles” and it will do the conversion for you. I also use it a lot for changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius (25F to C).

5. Compare Currencies
Google search engine has a built in currency converter so you can go from one currency to another. This is done by simply typing something like “1 USD in CAN” and press enter and it will do the conversion for you.

6. Weather Updates
If you want to know what the weather will be like in your area you can type something like “London weather” and it will give you the conditions in that area.

7. Search for specific file types
If you want to find a certain type of file on the Internet it is normally pretty difficult to find what you are looking for but with the use of Google search you can find file types a bit more easily. You can search for file types by doing something like “Guide to build a good website filetypept”. That will look for files with that name and the file type of a powerpoint presentation.

8. Search on a particular website
If you want to search a particular website from Google you can do this by typing “hitch DVD”. By typing in site: and then the website it will search that website for what you have type before site:.

9. Get the local time anywhere
Want to know the time in London now? You can do that by typing “what time is it London” in the search bar. You can also do it by typing “time (location)” without the quotes.

10. Remove unwanted search results

Have you ever wanted to search for something in particular but wanted to remove some of the search results? You can do this by type -something after the search term to remove it from the search results. Example: James Bond -movie. What that would do is remove the search results of James Bond that included the movie so you would find other things like news, books, etc.

11. Search for URLs
Want to search for a particular URL? You can do so by putting a “_, . , -” in between the words instead of a space. Example: What_are_you_talking_about. This would search for URLs that included those words.

12. Track Flight Status
Want to track a particular flight status? You can do that if you know the airline and flight number. You just need to type in the airline and the flight number to get the status. Example: British airways flight 5. This will bring you the results of this flight from this particular airline.

13. Search Google Groups by the subject line
You can search Google groups by subject line with this little trick. Type “insubject:then topic here” and you will get the Google groups with that subject line.

14. Find Related Sites
This trick will probably be familiar to a bunch of people but is helpful for finding related sites. What you do is type “”. So if you wanted to find an alternative to the website your are looking at that you may have liked you can use this feature.

15. Find Links to a specific URL

This is pretty helpful for finding backlinks to your website. If you want to find out what websites link to your website you can type “” and you will get all the results of the websites that link back to yours.