Top 5 Ways to Build Links and Traffic For Google

Link Building#1 – Article Marketing – Use Article directories such as;;; here’s a huge list but Ezinearticles is the best IMO

If you can justify the cost you can find writers here at DP,; http://www.getafreelancer; make sure you that you request at least a few samples from your writer and that they can write and speak in the language you want the affiliate marketing articles written in.

#2 – Directory Submissions – And yes the ones that seem to carry the most trust and authority in Googles eyes you usually have to pay for…well Except for do not submit to the 5 below unless your site is of high quality. $300 $180 $99.95 $39.99
Free, but seems to be a long wait for most people..

Their is also many more directories that you can submit to but most have no editorial guidelines therefore they typically carry little weight in Google..

If you do submit your site to lots of directories than an easy way to get your listing crawled by Google faster is to bookmark the page that your listing is on….Because most directories will have your listing pretty deep in their site.

#3 – Blog Comments

You can comment on other peoples blogs to get referral traffic and link juice. Great free tool for this is you can find dofollow blogs and pretty much automate the process of commenting on blogs….

Make sure you actually read the post and make an intelligent comment…

#4 – Social Luvin

You can use the power of social web 2.0 sites to gain links, traffic and brand trust. – Social shopping, Kaboodle is great for Ecommerce sites…Install toolbar button and your ready to go. – Social shopping, This next is great for Ecommerce sites. – High PR classified site. Easily add your products and since they have such a high PR your listing will show up in minutes. Make pages about your site and add multiple elements such as videos, rss feeds, links, articles etc… – Make your own “Wikizine” – Wikizine is basically just a page that everyone can add or edit content…You can add your rss feed and then Zimbio will ping your feed and fetch the content…It’s best to change up the content a little before publishing to Zimbio to avoid any duplicate filters for Google. – Make a page, add elements…

These are just a few but of course theirs tons and tons more that almost everyone knows about such as youtube, myspace, facebook, digg etc…heres a huge list.


Its best to use unique, original, never before published content on your pages that you build and use 3 or more affiliate marketing keywords in your title of your page..Link to your pages you build too…..Also some pages that you build will allow you to add rss feeds…Add them…You can build a squidoo page and add the rss feeds from your other squidoo pages, hubpages, article feeds, blogs etc….

#5 – Make a link bait page

Like above in this list their are two link bait pages…The first is a list of article directories and the other is a list of social sites….as you can see it works because I linked to them…

You can compile a useful report in your niche like the Top 15 worst celebrity plastic surgery procedures. Or Top 20 bloggers. Or hottest women online. Do something different, useful, funny, sexy in your niche and people will link to it naturally.

Of course their are many, many more ways for you to build traffic and links but hey this is a top 5 list ….You want more tips, techniques then just grab my free book which is absolutely 100% free, no strings attached.