Marketing tips and tricks for newbies

You have joined a few affiliate programs and now you wonder what to do…As a newbie you may have various options:

Article Marketing
Write great positive reviews of the products you are promoting, Include your affiliate links at the end of the reviews. Post yours reviews on sites such as or

Create a free blog using a blogging platform such as Write posts (reviews) of the products you are promoting. Include your affiliate links at the end of the reviews. Then ping your blog at a site such as Your posts will be picked up quickly by search engines

If you want to host your own blog, read this: From Blogger to WordPress (tutorial for newbies):

Social Bookmarking
Welcome to the Web 2.0 era! In order to make it easy for your readers to save and share your content you may add social bookmark links to your blog – Link:

Join popular forums, go into your forum profile and edit your signature. Make a signature that includes your affiliate link(s), or links to your own reviews. Make frequent relevant contributions – Don’t spam! Depending on what you are promoting and the forums you are joining you will target direct sales or subaffiliates

Social Networking
Use social networking sites to promote your relevant reviews blog if any. Don’t spam with affiliate links!

Once every few weeks you may post a press release at sites such as Your press release will be a favorable review of the product you are promoting, alongwith your affiliate link

Email marketing
If you own a list of subscribers (people who have opted in to receive email offers from you), you may send them an email telling them about the products you are promoting and include your affiliate links in the email Once again, don’t spam!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
You may easily generate incomes with affiliate programs and PPC like Google Adwords You may also loose a lot of money before making your first sale. So be careful if you do use this way to drive traffic to your sales pages. Learn how it works before!
Learning centers: + DP +

Make your own tools, write your own texts and try to think like a visitor or a potential buyer, study competitor tactics (use Google!), experiment, upgrade yourself all the time…It’s a matter of creativity, trial and errors, time and dedication

Never give up

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