Internet Marketing Success

Internet marketing success could be defined differently for each and every person online, although I think that there are some very specific guidelines by which we can measure internet marketing success.

I think that internet marketing success has a lot to do with the original intent of each individual marketer. When you get online and decide you want to do something online, then that is your personal measure of success in your life, at least as it pertains to internet marketing success.

When you get started online, you might be thinking that internet marketing success is to make an extra $100 per month. Or maybe you think that internet marketing success is just getting a web site live and online – and that is a perfectly good measure of success online!

For me, online marketing success is that I can work 100% from the freedom of my own home – and with wireless internet, I can literally work anywhere my laptop gets a wireless signal. For me, that is success.

So you have to define for yourself what is your definition of success online. Is internet marketing success to have a web site live, or is it to have some set number of pages online. Or is internet success to you some amount of income? Or maybe internet marketing success is some combination of all of these. Maybe for you it is the freedom of working for yourself, but also incorporates a measure of income also.

What is internet marketing success to you?

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10 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Success
  1. For me, it hasn’t reached that “What is it” It is still in the stages of “What it could be.” Internet Marketing for Me, as a success, would be to be able to provide a decent living for myself and my family, while still having the time I need to spend with them. That to me would be epitome of success. Now on the other hand, I am trying to get my internet business off the ground, but I fear it may be awhile before that chapter in my life takes off. A lot of people lack this, but I think for any job, internet marketing, starting your own business or other, patience is the key. Patience and Dedication.
    Great Post. Can’t wait for the next.

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    Honestly, internet marketing is a whole new ballgame.

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  4. success…..always progress day by day….in online income

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