I just want to let you know about the registrant, that put on hold, and also can write: has stolen my domain.

One day I saw that the domain is not loading and decided that it is from the server I have and the DNS zones. After loggin my account, I have found that the domain is on hold, without letting me know and without giving me a chance to move it from their site. The told me that it was from the main registrant, they work with Enom and could do nothing about ti, even give me the some period of time to react and protect it.

The domain is not involved in any of this charges and is not illegal site at all. It is information and has not more than 20 visitors per day, but built with many years of work and money. Tried to communicate with the people from the support, but with no luck. They even do not have names there – the e-mails are not wearing names under the “Best Regards”. Now the domain is having their details (of the registrant) and it looks like it’s stolen and the returning would not be possible, thanks to that.

The e-mail, which they send me look like this:

As you can see they are not even cheap:

So you can decide for yourself are they the right choice, having in mind that they could stop your domain when they want and will have rights to anything. I really do not know why are those 40 euros, when they provide such a bad service.

I know that this is my personal drama, but just want to protect the people, who are planning to do business with this site – If there is any suggestions, will be happy to hear. But do not make my mistake to give such an amount of money for such as a scammy service.

All the best to all and successful business.