Top 20 Free Blogging Platforms

There are a lot of blog platforms that you need to have blog on them. Blogs are: easy to be made, manged and promoting in the net. Every real webmaster as well as site owner with not so much experience has a blog, even my cat has a blog. In this post you will see top 20 of most popular free blog platforms ever.

The top 20 chart looks like this:







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Insane Journal


Clear Blogs


















Have a nice blogging. 🙂

9 Great Ways To Build Links To Your Website

  • Build a “X list”. Meaning a list of however many things you want on your topic. Example: 10 Ways To Make Money Online. People like to link to these type of posts/articles
  • Add a privacy policy and a picture of yourself to build authority on your website/blog
  • Create a list of the top 10 myths for a specific category
  • Post comments on other peoples blogs
  • Produce a free e-book and put a link for it on your homepage
  • Link to other blogs. By doing this most bloggers can track where links are coming from and they may in turn link back to your blog
  • Build a tool collection. Tools are always useful and people like to link to lists of useful tools
  • Add your posts to social marketing websites such as Digg and get your friends to tag it so hopefully it gets to the front page of the website and gets lots of hits / links
  • Make your content easy to understand and follow so that people are more likely to link to it

15 Awesome Search Tricks For Google

1. Google Calculator
How this works is your type an equation into the search field and it will give you the result. Example: 2*4 – 23*5 + 1000. After you type this in and click search or enter it will give you the result. You can do addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/), to the power of (^), and square root of a number (sqrt).

2. Dictionary Definitions
You can get the definition of a word by typing “define:” followed by the word. Example: define: canucks. This will get you the definition of canucks.

3. Search for a specific title
Suppose you came across a website you thought was awesome but you forgot to bookmark the site and only remembered the title of it and wanted to find it again. Well you can search by title with Google to hopefully find that website a bit more easily. All you need to do is type “intitle: then the title”. By doing this you will only get results of websites with that line in the title.

4. Google Converter
This is a very useful one if you need to convert something from one unit to another unit quickly. All you need to do is type something like “5km in miles” and it will do the conversion for you. I also use it a lot for changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius (25F to C).

5. Compare Currencies
Google search engine has a built in currency converter so you can go from one currency to another. This is done by simply typing something like “1 USD in CAN” and press enter and it will do the conversion for you.

6. Weather Updates
If you want to know what the weather will be like in your area you can type something like “London weather” and it will give you the conditions in that area.

7. Search for specific file types
If you want to find a certain type of file on the Internet it is normally pretty difficult to find what you are looking for but with the use of Google search you can find file types a bit more easily. You can search for file types by doing something like “Guide to build a good website filetypept”. That will look for files with that name and the file type of a powerpoint presentation.

8. Search on a particular website
If you want to search a particular website from Google you can do this by typing “hitch DVD”. By typing in site: and then the website it will search that website for what you have type before site:.

9. Get the local time anywhere
Want to know the time in London now? You can do that by typing “what time is it London” in the search bar. You can also do it by typing “time (location)” without the quotes.

10. Remove unwanted search results

Have you ever wanted to search for something in particular but wanted to remove some of the search results? You can do this by type -something after the search term to remove it from the search results. Example: James Bond -movie. What that would do is remove the search results of James Bond that included the movie so you would find other things like news, books, etc.

11. Search for URLs
Want to search for a particular URL? You can do so by putting a “_, . , -” in between the words instead of a space. Example: What_are_you_talking_about. This would search for URLs that included those words.

12. Track Flight Status
Want to track a particular flight status? You can do that if you know the airline and flight number. You just need to type in the airline and the flight number to get the status. Example: British airways flight 5. This will bring you the results of this flight from this particular airline.

13. Search Google Groups by the subject line
You can search Google groups by subject line with this little trick. Type “insubject:then topic here” and you will get the Google groups with that subject line.

14. Find Related Sites
This trick will probably be familiar to a bunch of people but is helpful for finding related sites. What you do is type “”. So if you wanted to find an alternative to the website your are looking at that you may have liked you can use this feature.

15. Find Links to a specific URL

This is pretty helpful for finding backlinks to your website. If you want to find out what websites link to your website you can type “” and you will get all the results of the websites that link back to yours.

You’ve Launched Your Site: How to Get it Listed

TrafficYou’ve gone ahead and launched a Web site. How do you get anyone to notice you online, with the millions of sites already there? You need to be ranked on various search engines so that visitors can find you. More visitors means the potential for attracting more customers, which is why you went online in the first place. It’s important to get your page ranked as highly as possible (preferably in the top 10); Web surfers are notorious for having a very short attention span and want to find what they need quickly and efficiently. They simply are not going to wade through 100’s of sites to find what they are looking for.

When choosing keywords, try to put yourself in the place of a Web surfer: How would they find your site? What words or phrases would they use to search for you? It’s a good idea to start with a general category first and then add words that are more specific. Be sure to include your company name, a description of your product or service, and your geographic location when choosing keywords. Don’t be afraid to include alternate ways to spell words, if appropriate; and don’t be concerned about using initial capital letters on proper names. You never know how a person is going to search the Internet to find information.

search engine spiders So how do you actually get listed? Well, you can sit back and let the search engine spiders find your site or you can submit your site to search engines and web directories on your own. Most people use a combination of the two methods. The search engine spiders will go out automatically and put your site into their list of sites by examining the keywords on your pages or in your site’s meta tags.

When you get to the point that you are ready to have your site listed on search engines you can submit your information to one or more individually or you have the option of having a submission service look after this for you. If you use a submission service, your Web pages may well end up in places you have never heard of, but don’t be discouraged by this fact: someone is making use of the lesser-known search engines, otherwise they wouldn’t exist. So SEs submissions is not a good idea, just getting links to your site will do it right.

To promote themselves online, webmasters also have the option of submitting to a directory that has people acting as editors to choose which Web pages should be listed and where. There are not many of these types of directories; it is simply more efficient to have a piece of software crawl through cyberspace to perform these tasks. If you choose to submit to a human-edited directory, it may be several weeks before your site is approved; it then takes a bit more time for it to actually appear in the listings.

15 Link Exchange Tips

Establishing inbound links through reciprocal link exchanges is a very effective affiliate marketing promotional and advertising tool.If done correctly, building inbound links can improve your rankings in the search engines by raising your link popularity, increasing your website traffic, and providing a valuable resource for your website customers and visitors.

Here are 15 link exchange tips to get you started:

1. Exchange links with websites that will bring you targeted traffic. Targeted traffic means visitors and/or customers that will be interested in your affiliate products or services.

2. Keep your link title brief and free of long sentences.

3. Try to keep your link description (for your affiliate marketing site/blog) brief (aim for 200 characters or less).

4. Do not capitalize all letters in your link title or description.

5. Do not give the webmaster a deadline on when they should reciprocate. Webmasters are very busy people and it may take from 1 to 60 days or more. Be patient and in the long run you will receive more quality link partners!

6. Never remove a link partner from your site once they have agreed to exchange links with you and placed your link on their site.

7. Do not request link exchanges from sites that are unrelated to your website. For example, if you have a candle website, don’t exchange links with a pharmaceutical website. This will not benefit your customers or visitors and the search engines may penalize your website for this.

8. Let the webmaster know that you have indeed visited their site and explain to them why a reciprocal link exchange with your website would be beneficial.

9. Be sure that your link pages are search engine friendly. Link pages are easier indexed if they have no more than 25 links per page.

10. Complete your website before requesting reciprocal link exchanges. Most webmasters will not link to a site where most of the pages are “under construction”.

11. Do not give misleading information in your link exchange request. Most webmasters are not going to believe it and your request will most likely be ignored. For example, don’t claim that your site receives 100,000 unique visitors a day unless your site really receives that many.

12. It is best to categorize your link partners. For example, you might want to have a home and garden page, a home improvement page, a candles page, etc. This is a much better way or organizing your links for both your visitors and your link partners. If you just have one huge page of links in no order, most webmasters will not approve your link exchange request.

13. Make sure your links page is linked and visible from your affiliate marketing home page.

14. If your site is family friendly, do not add link partners that offer services or products that are not family friendly.

15. Be aware of free-for-all link programs and link farms. These are sites that basically offer nothing but unrelated links and end up collecting and sharing your email address, which results in a lot of unwanted SPAM in your inbox.

The above tips are only a few suggestions on how to build a successful linking campaign. Most importantly, be patient and take your time to find quality link partners that will add a valuable resource and bring targeted traffic to your website.

Top 5 Ways to Build Links and Traffic For Google

Link Building#1 – Article Marketing – Use Article directories such as;;; here’s a huge list but Ezinearticles is the best IMO

If you can justify the cost you can find writers here at DP,; http://www.getafreelancer; make sure you that you request at least a few samples from your writer and that they can write and speak in the language you want the affiliate marketing articles written in.

#2 – Directory Submissions – And yes the ones that seem to carry the most trust and authority in Googles eyes you usually have to pay for…well Except for do not submit to the 5 below unless your site is of high quality. $300 $180 $99.95 $39.99
Free, but seems to be a long wait for most people..

Their is also many more directories that you can submit to but most have no editorial guidelines therefore they typically carry little weight in Google..

If you do submit your site to lots of directories than an easy way to get your listing crawled by Google faster is to bookmark the page that your listing is on….Because most directories will have your listing pretty deep in their site.

#3 – Blog Comments

You can comment on other peoples blogs to get referral traffic and link juice. Great free tool for this is you can find dofollow blogs and pretty much automate the process of commenting on blogs….

Make sure you actually read the post and make an intelligent comment…

#4 – Social Luvin

You can use the power of social web 2.0 sites to gain links, traffic and brand trust. – Social shopping, Kaboodle is great for Ecommerce sites…Install toolbar button and your ready to go. – Social shopping, This next is great for Ecommerce sites. – High PR classified site. Easily add your products and since they have such a high PR your listing will show up in minutes. Make pages about your site and add multiple elements such as videos, rss feeds, links, articles etc… – Make your own “Wikizine” – Wikizine is basically just a page that everyone can add or edit content…You can add your rss feed and then Zimbio will ping your feed and fetch the content…It’s best to change up the content a little before publishing to Zimbio to avoid any duplicate filters for Google. – Make a page, add elements…

These are just a few but of course theirs tons and tons more that almost everyone knows about such as youtube, myspace, facebook, digg etc…heres a huge list.


Its best to use unique, original, never before published content on your pages that you build and use 3 or more affiliate marketing keywords in your title of your page..Link to your pages you build too…..Also some pages that you build will allow you to add rss feeds…Add them…You can build a squidoo page and add the rss feeds from your other squidoo pages, hubpages, article feeds, blogs etc….

#5 – Make a link bait page

Like above in this list their are two link bait pages…The first is a list of article directories and the other is a list of social sites….as you can see it works because I linked to them…

You can compile a useful report in your niche like the Top 15 worst celebrity plastic surgery procedures. Or Top 20 bloggers. Or hottest women online. Do something different, useful, funny, sexy in your niche and people will link to it naturally.

Of course their are many, many more ways for you to build traffic and links but hey this is a top 5 list ….You want more tips, techniques then just grab my free book which is absolutely 100% free, no strings attached.

New Yahoo Algo Tips

Stuff I recently did to some new websites, and seen a huge increase from Yahoo.

1. Internal Linking
I have used some within the page, and at the footer. Make sure put to this on every page possible.

2. Backlinks from different sources.
International directories are great or with different languages. Articles!!!! Make sure to post the article on your blogpage first before submitting it elsewhere.

3. Use long Anchor Text Keywords for your affiliate marketing site or blog

4. Blog frequently ON YOUR WEBSITE.
Try to put the affiliate marketing blog on your homepage, and use internal linking to spread the juice to other pages. Your domain should be like a pyramid. The top domain being at the top, and the less important further down. Submit your blog, and make sure to ping it! Spiderbots love fresh content so don’t make your website stale!

5. Stop using some many images that makes your webpage load in minutes instead of seconds. Spiderbots are like US Navy Seals….they go in AND they immediately come out. They go into a building and all they see is pictures. What do you think they’re going to do? Nothing here….LET’S GO! If they find countless cabinets of info, they’ll start spending more time trying to acquire info.

6. Use the link command on YOUR page and your Competitor’s page.
Look at the all the links, and you will see a pattern with the top links. They’re usually some type of blogs with high PR rankings. Gee I wonder where you should spend more time at/on?

7. Sometimes it’s always good to leave your best articles ON YOUR PAGE.
I have noticed that many ppl are taking content from my page, and giving me a full dofollow link with my content. If you save your best content for ezine, they’ll just a link to ezine. This will benefit you in the long run.

8. If you’re going to blog comment (to put a backlink) make sure to do it in a highly ranked/highly visited/do follow blogs. Most spiderbots visit it, and they’re more than likely to see your site. What website is a good website to leave your ‘spam’ link? Try tmz You will notice fast results from yahoo/google. Don’t get banned from there now.

How to submit web site into directories?

1. Why it is important to submit website in directories?
– Direct traffic. Some directories can deliver very good targeted traffic.
– Directory links can improve SERP for the front page by anchor text used for directory submitting (title).
– All directory links can increase site PR up to 4.
– Weight from main page of web site will be redistributed within all pages => improve SERP of internal pages.
2. Which directories are suitable?
– At the beginning of website life, all directories should be free and without reciprocal links.
– For newbie website directories should be from the same language or the same region. English website into English directories etc.
– Mature web sites will have a lot of benefits from submission into international directories.
– Directories should make direct link to your website.
– Most preferable are niche directories.
– Should I register my website in new directories with low PR? Yes! This make your link profile more natural with a lot of weak links. This is unusual when the new site have only links from strong websites.

3. How to submit website?

– How many different titles and descriptions I should use for substituting? The answer is very simple – unique title and web site description for each new directory. This will allow you to avoid link duplications.
– Should I make reciprocal links? If directory is very important for you – then yes, but do not do more than 5-10 reciprocal links from your web site in total. This is very bad for your ranking.
– Some directories check reciprocal links only once during submitting – for these directories you can create special page, but do not forget to delete it after submission. This operation required special scripts.
– Should I pay to directory owners for accepting? Only for very strong, well known directories.
– What should I do for suspicious websites (farma, adult etc)? In many directories moderators do check website description but do not check website itself. So, try to make nice description and title. If you want to use bad keywords like viagra or cialis, you can do trick by hiding these words in more long words. For example “socialist party”.

How to raise you PR fast!!!

Every single affiliate marketer want to raise the PR (page rank) of their sites and this is not something “NEW”. Here are some opinions of how you can achieve that goal, they are all based on the experience that most of these marketers:

On Question Like: “what should i do to raise the PR and make more keywords top?”

1. You need a lot of websites linking to you basically…and the higher PR of the pages linking to you and the more relevant they are the better!

2. I would suggest you focus more on your rankings in SERP. Optimize onpage (titles, headers, meta, keywords, etc.) and the do offpage though quality link building (using your keywords as anchor texts). Some ways to build links:

Directory submissions
Forum sigs
Blogs commenting
Article marketing
Social bookmarking
Link baiting

If you really want to build PR, search for “dofollow” blogs and participate relevantly and always be on-topic. Also building links to higher PR sites similar to your niche would also help.

3. It isn’t about the PR. It is about how well you optimize it..

4. The only way you can raise your PR fast is to do a bunch of stuff before Google publishes new PR data. You’d have to do it close enough that it feels fast, but not too close Google doesn’t crawl your new links in time.

5. submit your site to list of directories.

6. Choose quality link partners, minimize reciprocal linking and prioritize One-way links and also Create new, unique & fresh content

7. You get better PR by having a good quality site. Content is the most imporant, next is back links.

8. Page rank has little impact on your actual rankings. It could be possible that there are some SEO errors which might be suppressing your SEO rankings.Make sure you do not have any duplicate content on your website, and add quality back links towards your website.

9. Seriously, I vote that the next person who says “get more backlinks” without explaining the types of backlinks worth getting should end up with their genitals stuck in their ears.


It’s really simple, as Paul pointed out. Good sites generate the kind of links (actual traffic generating links) that webmasters want. These aren’t the low-budget chumpstain throw-a-few-banner-ads-and-little-else sites or the copy-everyone-else’s-article-site article sites or any of the other low-grade get-rich-quick-if-rich-equals-about-47-cents-over-a-year sites out there. These are sites that are useful, and original, and actually have something to offer.

Like Paul’s site. Take a hard look at it. He has stuff on there that no one else has…why? Because he actually took the time to write it himself. The only tiein to backlinks is that he gets backlinks from real people (including myself) who recognize and appreciate the time and effort he has put into writing quality content that benefits the end user. Those links in turn send him traffic…as in actual users (you know, the same ones most SEOs end up forgetting about because they’re so obsessed with rankings). Those users turn around and tell their friends. And so on and so on.

That’s the answer. Build something that others feel is worth sharing with others.

10. How to get your pr higher is like playing English snooker…easy to start playing with…impossible to master. Also don’t forget that your site may have billions of backlinks, but if the majority of them have nofollow tag (you can be sure that will happen, specially backlinks from high pr sites) its really a hopeless quest. For me Pr is just an illusion to make google even more rich…

11. PR is not a solution for increasing your SERP.

12. normally I submit to the directories and comment some blog.

13. I personally think PR is totally about smoke and mirrors, think about it. Google is probably one of the most secretive orgs in the world when it comes to anything remotely SEO. So why then do they provide a nice tool in google toolbar to show their score of a website? I think its purely to take peoples eyes off google’s real algorithms. Google does a fine job of creating mass dilusions

One side comment, not truly on topic but worth mentioning, stay clear of buying links, google is getting hotter and hotter on it. And if you are selling marketing space, links, banner spots or similar, make **** sure you put NOFOLLOW attribute on the page or links themselves or google WILL penalise your page or site.

14. create a sitemap in webdirectory

15. I support statements about qulaity content – there are lots of examples were a low PR site outranks high pr site on some of the keyword based on its knowledge (size and quality of the content) on particular keyword.

At the same time I can give a few examples where the positions in Google are purely built on link and anchor text from inbound links.

Biggest dependency is the competition – the weaker the competing sites the easier it is to get to the top.

Straight to the topic – fastest way to drive pr is increase traffic to the site. The more traffic the higher the pr

16. My websites have over 300 pages of high quality video tutorials, the ranking were dropped from PR5 to PR4, PR3…… finally to PR0 about 6 months ago. When my websites have only about 30 pages, the ranking was PR5 about two years ago. The more contents I added, the lowest PR will result.

I think PR has no any relationship with content. Even websites with only a few pages with normal contents have PR3 or PR4. Why my websites with 300 pages with different contents will be penalized to PR0?

17. on page SEO and a couple of links does wonders for SERP ranking

18. Backlinks are the key. But also use anchor text in the backlinks.

For example…


The word ‘Google’ is the anchor text, substitute that for keywords that you think others might use to bring your site up in the results.

19. Okay since PR is really an issue for the OP, you could also try participating in dofollow forums, blogs, or submitting to directories, etc. Their value is very low but they sum up. Overtime those pages you participate in or submitted to might have higher PR in the future.

You can also look for expired domains with PR and buy it.

20. Hi
Now PR is a favorite topic of mine

The ways to get good PR are
Great unique, frequently updated content. This is really the way to go

Page popularity ie backlinks Must be domne with some care

I think the content of your page is of paramount importance. There are websites that are not affected by the Google updates and I think this is due to the great webpage content

With regards to building backlinks, sticking to things like article submission and commenting in related blogs [pay attention to the titles of the posts you are commenting on are good practice

Seocontest2008 – The Huge SEO Contest 2008

seocontest2008Let’s face it – the SEO process is something really difficult, having in mind that you have to use some specific methods like content writing, link building, well site structuring and others. But in a long term this will give you great results, talking about good SE positions as well as targeted visits on your site, blog, directory, portal or whatever you are managing online.

In these thoughts there are contests made just to see who is the best in this field and what kind of methods he or she use to get proper results. Such a thing is the Seocontest2008, a big SEO contest where SEO gurus fight on the SEs – first place takes the award – as simple as that. In the Seocontest2008 webmasters put all they know and have as web resources to make it happen – getting fresh content and valuable links are the main two things that will force the SE positions of their web sites. Mainly Google is the field, where the fight is getting focus on.

Most of these people don’t do it for the money, but for the glory and we really like that, don’t we? Seocontest2008 is not just another SEO contest, where the best will take first place, it is a networking as well. Why?! Because webmasters will give the best of them in order to show that team working is the better solution, which is learned in business schools at the same time.

Seocontest2008 is also a place where ordinary webmasters improve their skills and become partners in future projects as well. Some of you will get this as a joke, but this kind of experience make people, who work in this more closed one to each other. As we mentioned it: the team working is the key of every business.

Finally, We at Blog – Affiliate Marketing Blog wish good luck to those, who take part of this Seocontest2008 and want to tell: Let’s the best SEOs win it. Also you can visit: Webmaster World Blog – to get some more info about the SEO Process.