15 Awesome Search Tricks For Google

1. Google Calculator
How this works is your type an equation into the search field and it will give you the result. Example: 2*4 – 23*5 + 1000. After you type this in and click search or enter it will give you the result. You can do addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/), to the power of (^), and square root of a number (sqrt).

2. Dictionary Definitions
You can get the definition of a word by typing “define:” followed by the word. Example: define: canucks. This will get you the definition of canucks.

3. Search for a specific title
Suppose you came across a website you thought was awesome but you forgot to bookmark the site and only remembered the title of it and wanted to find it again. Well you can search by title with Google to hopefully find that website a bit more easily. All you need to do is type “intitle: then the title”. By doing this you will only get results of websites with that line in the title.

4. Google Converter
This is a very useful one if you need to convert something from one unit to another unit quickly. All you need to do is type something like “5km in miles” and it will do the conversion for you. I also use it a lot for changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius (25F to C).

5. Compare Currencies
Google search engine has a built in currency converter so you can go from one currency to another. This is done by simply typing something like “1 USD in CAN” and press enter and it will do the conversion for you.

6. Weather Updates
If you want to know what the weather will be like in your area you can type something like “London weather” and it will give you the conditions in that area.

7. Search for specific file types
If you want to find a certain type of file on the Internet it is normally pretty difficult to find what you are looking for but with the use of Google search you can find file types a bit more easily. You can search for file types by doing something like “Guide to build a good website filetypept”. That will look for files with that name and the file type of a powerpoint presentation.

8. Search on a particular website
If you want to search a particular website from Google you can do this by typing “hitch DVD site:www.amazon.com”. By typing in site: and then the website it will search that website for what you have type before site:.

9. Get the local time anywhere
Want to know the time in London now? You can do that by typing “what time is it London” in the search bar. You can also do it by typing “time (location)” without the quotes.

10. Remove unwanted search results

Have you ever wanted to search for something in particular but wanted to remove some of the search results? You can do this by type -something after the search term to remove it from the search results. Example: James Bond -movie. What that would do is remove the search results of James Bond that included the movie so you would find other things like news, books, etc.

11. Search for URLs
Want to search for a particular URL? You can do so by putting a “_, . , -” in between the words instead of a space. Example: What_are_you_talking_about. This would search for URLs that included those words.

12. Track Flight Status
Want to track a particular flight status? You can do that if you know the airline and flight number. You just need to type in the airline and the flight number to get the status. Example: British airways flight 5. This will bring you the results of this flight from this particular airline.

13. Search Google Groups by the subject line
You can search Google groups by subject line with this little trick. Type “insubject:then topic here” and you will get the Google groups with that subject line.

14. Find Related Sites
This trick will probably be familiar to a bunch of people but is helpful for finding related sites. What you do is type “related:www.site.com”. So if you wanted to find an alternative to the website your are looking at that you may have liked you can use this feature.

15. Find Links to a specific URL

This is pretty helpful for finding backlinks to your website. If you want to find out what websites link to your website you can type “link:www.yoursite.com” and you will get all the results of the websites that link back to yours.

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  1. you are already open google secret, wow….thanks for sharing, great listing

  2. I love all the comments on this post. I think PR is slightly overrated. I am much more worried content than I am page rank. Also of note on buying links. I found it makes little to ZERO difference if you buy links to increase your page rank. I have done this in the past and when I use tools to find my back links they don’t even show up. Save the money.

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  4. thanks for sharing the tips…..I will learn more and hoping really helping

  5. Using the above method will definitely help your site more visible in google… thanks

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