EasyFLV Streaming Video software

The streaming video software available from Easyflv.com makes it easy to add video to your website. You can choose from a number of default web video players to make it complement your website or design your own. Easyflv runs on all windows versions, including vista, so there shouldn’t be any problems getting it to work.

There is a single version and multitrack version available and both include a batch flv converter to be able to convert existing video files into flv format for efficient web video playback.

The multitrack version is ideal for running a series of video tutorials where users can choose to view them in sequence or opt to view any video in the series.

At $49 for the complete package, it offers great flexibility and is easy to use. The single video players are only 3kb in size with the multitrack players only 15kb, so it loads quickly. The video quality output is also surprisingly good for something in this price range.