PPC Opinions Of How They Can Increase Your Sales

a list of pay per click sites>>www.payperclicksearchengines.com/

I would say the most important ones are:

1- Yahoo/Overture
2- Google
3- There is no big player after the first two, but here are some of the bigger ones:
– Looksmart
– Miva (aka FindWhat, Powers Excite)
– Kanoodle
– Search123

i like http://www.epilot.com/ this ones ok too http://insite.lycos.com/

There is also

www.mirago.com & www.enhance.com

Try http://www.click-share.com

I am working with them from 6 mounts and have very good results with very high CPC.

They also provide products ads.And the most trustable ones are Adwords and Overture.

I’ve used Enhance and 7Search and have been very happy with them. I’ve also had some bad luck with some of the lesser known ons with automated clicks and even got a warning from adsense to let me know.

I’ve been using abrite selectively, I’m looking for sites with a CTR of less than 2% as I can often purchase a text link for only $0.01 per click. If you choose sites with a CTR (Click Through Rate) less than 2% you can almost be certain there is no click fraud going on.

Adbrite at $0.01 per click combined with Google Adsence displayed on your page earning average $1.00 per click with a CTR of 2-4% is a great way of doubling your money and it’s quite low risk if you set your daily budget low. I’ve been spending on avergage $10 a day to generate $20-$40 a day with just one site alone. Not enough to retire on, but a steady income for very little work.

I just cant fault the service as it is so cheap, and so many quality sites are signing up to it after the google adsense purge.

Use the following link to have a look at them. www.adbrite.com
I’ve had no problems with them and they are great for arbing.

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