How to submit web site into directories?

1. Why it is important to submit website in directories?
– Direct traffic. Some directories can deliver very good targeted traffic.
– Directory links can improve SERP for the front page by anchor text used for directory submitting (title).
– All directory links can increase site PR up to 4.
– Weight from main page of web site will be redistributed within all pages => improve SERP of internal pages.
2. Which directories are suitable?
– At the beginning of website life, all directories should be free and without reciprocal links.
– For newbie website directories should be from the same language or the same region. English website into English directories etc.
– Mature web sites will have a lot of benefits from submission into international directories.
– Directories should make direct link to your website.
– Most preferable are niche directories.
– Should I register my website in new directories with low PR? Yes! This make your link profile more natural with a lot of weak links. This is unusual when the new site have only links from strong websites.

3. How to submit website?

– How many different titles and descriptions I should use for substituting? The answer is very simple – unique title and web site description for each new directory. This will allow you to avoid link duplications.
– Should I make reciprocal links? If directory is very important for you – then yes, but do not do more than 5-10 reciprocal links from your web site in total. This is very bad for your ranking.
– Some directories check reciprocal links only once during submitting – for these directories you can create special page, but do not forget to delete it after submission. This operation required special scripts.
– Should I pay to directory owners for accepting? Only for very strong, well known directories.
– What should I do for suspicious websites (farma, adult etc)? In many directories moderators do check website description but do not check website itself. So, try to make nice description and title. If you want to use bad keywords like viagra or cialis, you can do trick by hiding these words in more long words. For example “socialist party”.

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14 thoughts on “How to submit web site into directories?
  1. and how many website submissions do you suggest in a month? are too many harmful?

  2. As many as possible – the approving is slow and somewhere you want get listed, but you can still trying it. But getting 200 links at once – it is bad – Google won’t like it at all.

  3. Directory submission is a great way to increase your inlinks and eventually your page rank. There are thousands of online directories that offer free submissions .You could start with Dmoz.

  4. Before submission website into web directories follow this tips, first
    find out the sub category which is related to your website content. And the second is check it out whether that directory is no follow or Dofollow. To check this one first check that website view source and then go the edit menu and click on find, in that box type nofollow if highlight the word then skip out otherwise go through.

    John Philips

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  7. great posting, submit to free directory very important to increase back link, thanks for nice posting

  8. Make sure you read the submission guidelines too. If you don’t follow them you won’t be accepted, and will just make more unnecessary work for the directory owner.

  9. ohh, hi – you are with the quality sites, right? Nice to see you here.

    There is directories, which accept sites only if you type correctly the images code – but I haven’t seen much of these for a long time, maybe they are well moderated and closed for such a operations, ‘cus there are a lot of software, that are spamming them.

    Have a great day.;)

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