6 Tips to Drive Traffic to your Site

1. Optimize Your Website

It is a matter of SEO. Maybe you have never heard of it. Even though you heard about it already, not everyone is familiar with it. In fact, Search engines will look at both the internal and external profile of your website while assigning a rank to a web page.

Internal profile of a website (which is so-called On-Page Optimization) includes usage of meta tags, heading tags, keywords, targeted content, and internal linking of website. External profile of your website defines the websites that are linking to your website. It also defines the pages where your link is placed. Besides, it identifies the Page Ranking of those pages along with the placement of your link. And it also includes the number of inward links you are getting. Using the relevant keywords in anchor text gives a boost to rankings on the search engine result pages (SERPs). For more information on On-page optimization, please refer to our relevant posts in Da Adsense Code.

2. Linking Your website

After talking about the on-page optimization, here comes to off-page optimization. More often, webmasters only focus on on-page optimization, and neglect the presence of off-page optimization. In the world of internet, there are two kinds of links – External Links and Internal Links. External Links define the websites that are linking to your websiteInternal whereas Links refer to the internal linking of web pages. Getting links from other websites is the most powerful tool to drive traffic to your website. The results are instantaneous and highly effective. Getting links from quality websites with higher PR and proper anchor text definitely helps your site a lot and results in more fruitful traffic from search engines. Half the battle is won if you are able to provide the links in abundance. There are many tools available for automatically building links to your website. There are some link exchange directories on the net which are a good support in link building campaigns. However, the use of these support systems depend entirely on your beliefs and strategies. Proper inter-linking (that is intra-linking) of your web pages is also relevant and significant in driving traffic.

3. Post Articles

It is important that you publish and post more and more articles on the net or article websites. This gives you an advantage as it gets incoming links to your website. Posting unique articles catering to the interest of a large number of readers is also an effective way of driving organic traffic to your website. Well written articles bring more traffic to your website. More traffic means more profit for you. It is observed that as the PR of your website increases, the AdSense payouts also increase. You can hope to get many more internal links to your website through this medium. Search engines take into account the number of quality back links while assigning rank to your website. If visitors reading your articles are interested, they will check out your website and you will have increased number of links. In comparison to the links that point to other websites from your website, the links that point to your website give more points to your rankings.

4. Anchor Text

Anchor Text refers to the clickable text of a hyperlink. Anchor Text plays an important role with regard to the target traffic as well as the search engine rankings. An appropriate Anchor Text apprises the visitors of the content of the page it links to.

Besides, Anchor Text gives a real clue to the search engines regarding the content of the web page it links to. The right Anchor Text improves your website’s search engine ranking. That’s why it’s imperative to pick the Anchor Text astutely.

Google reckons Anchor Text to be an indicator of the page relevance. Google, using its special operator “allinanchor:keyword”, separately indexes the Anchor Text. Given below are some tips for choosing the right Anchor Text that suits the search engine algorithms, and attracts the right traffic.

5. Tools

To a lesser extent, website tools makes your website user friendly. It is recommended that you make use of the tools that are visitor friendly. New scripts and innovative schemes for the visitor help you get more inward links. This in turn builds traffic to your website. You should add the tools that are attractive. For example, you can offer free e-books, or introduce new exciting sections relevant to your website. This will make your website exciting for the visitors. Google loves unique content. It richly rewards the websites that provide more content and better facilities to the visitors. Google likes genuine of traffic coming to your website from Ad Sense network. Genuine traffic yields higher payouts. Website tools makes your website a genuine one. The credibility of your website increases the probability of your website getting high paying ads via Google.

6. Target Niche Keywords

It is important for you to identify the niche markets. This will enable you to fetch the traffic that has not been targeted much, and at the same time gels well with your industry. If your competitor is leading with X traffic on one keyword, you can compete with him by targeting ten niche keywords. This will give you the same amount of traffic. Keyword country provides you with hordes of niche keywords. These niche keywords bring more target traffic to your web pages. This results in a better ROI (if you are selling products or affiliates) or an increased Adsense CTR (Click Thru Ratio) of your ads.

The 7Search.com Traffic Stats

7search.com traffic stats

Have just been sent a list of 7Search.com’s biggest affiliates:

47 – 1stblaze.com
69 – mamma.com
210 – lop.com
729 – megago.com
925 – ontheweb.com
1,329 – abcsearch.com
1,386 – itzalist.com
1,409 – rub.to
1,618 – ieplugin.com
2,079 – sitemeter.com
2,590 – epilot.com
3,980 – pageseeker.com
4,106 – speakeasy.net
4,769 – iqseek.com
5,985 – revenuepilot.com
6,254 – realppc.com
7,140 – searchboss.com
7,954 – buzzle.com
8,193 – multimeta.com
8,337 – oversee.net
9,861 – searchbug.com
10,848 – GoHip.com
17,007 – searchmission.com
18,910 – findit.com
19,184 – adutopia.com
20,054 – tdmy.com
21,166 – workathomesearchengine.com
24,238- searchexit.com
29,664 – genieknows.com
39,503 – cashradio.com
51,397 – scourtheweb.com
53,630 – findinfo.com
57,225 – search-network.com
71,136 – search44.com
80,060 – allindiansite.com
91,604 – anaconda.net
98,156 – getsearches.com
128,709 – altseek.com
171,914 – dafinder.com

What do people think of those? I’m a bit suspicious of the likes of 1stblaze.com and lop.com. Don’t know how they can have such high Alexa rankings when I’ve never seen an online or offline advert for them and they have very few links to the URLs. Spyware?

7Search also say that partner sites must:

– Must cater to English-speaking countries only.
– Must not have economic incentives for readers to search.
– Must be owned and operated in an English-speaking country.
– Will not be compensated for fraudulent searches.
– Must understand that our first loyalty is to our advertisers.


To Begin With

1. Start From the End

Decide what the result of your letter ought to be. List things you’d like to say, and review them. Remove those not supporting the main idea. Good letters have a strong sense of purpose.

2. Get to the Point Early

Don’t delay. You should state your main cause in the first paragraph.

3. Put Yourself in Your Reader’s Place

If the letter came to you, how would you respond? Be pleasant; try to turn negative statements into positive ones.

No Business-ese

4. Say it Plainly

Phrases like “in compliance with your request” and “enclosed herewith” are stilted. Write as you talk — naturally. Include just one idea. Sentences longer than two typed lines are suspect.

5. Clear the Deadwood

Cut words, sentences, and even paragraphs that don’t contribute. Work hard to simplify your reader’s job. Be especially careful with adjectives, which can sap strength from your words.

6. Use Active Verbs

Passive voice is weak and confusing. “A decision has been reached by the committee” is inferior to “The committee has reached a decision.” Also, readers can sense your evasiveness if you write: “Your order has been misplaced” instead of “I misplaced your order.”

7. Be Human

Your letter should read like a conversation. Address your reader by name: “Dear Ms. Hartman.” And if you can fit it in naturally, use Ms. Hartman’s name in the body. You want her to know the letter is personal. Whenever you can, use pronouns like I, we, and you.

Be Positive

8. Never Write in Anger

Anger will evaporate; a letter won’t. Devise a way to handle problems in an upbeat manner. Your chances of success will multiply tenfold.

9. End With an Action Step

The end of a letter should suggest the reader’s next move, or your own. Don’t write distracting closings like: “Again, thank you for . . .” or “If you have problems, please don’t hesitate to call.” Close with a simple “Sincerely,” and your signature; it may be a perfect ending.

10. Be Professional

The most well-written letters can’t survive bad presentation. Use a clean, logical format for your letter. A crowded or over-designed page distracts from your message.

How To Write And Manage Your Newsleters


Your Newsletter Title Here – Issue # – Date
Published by [Your Full Name Here]
Start with a welcome message in this space. If
your program allows it, use your reader’s first
name to personalize the experience.

Grab your reader with a few teaser lines that
leads them into your newsletter’s content.

Use this space to motivate your reader to take
advantage of the benefits you are offering in
this issue of your newsletter.

Here’a an example…


Today you’ll see how marketing with email can
dramatically increase your profits.

I’ll tell how to get started marketing your
product and the best places to promote – using
only email.

These tips are definitely going to help you put
a few extra dollars in your bank account, without
overloading your budget.

As always, please let me know if you have any
questions or comments on today’s issue.

1. Title of First Section Here

2. Title of Second Section Here

3. Title of Third Section Here
Your Section Title Here
Start the first paragraph here. Hit ENTER on your
keyboard twice to separate paragraphs.

Start the second paragraph here. Remember to keep you
paragraphs under 5 lines if possible. This makes it
easier for people to read and helps hold their interest.

Make sure your lines are under 65 characters long.
This gives your newsletter a consistent look among
the various email programs people use to receive

Leave 2 blank lines before starting the next section
of your newsletter.

What follows is filler content. Delete the section
titles and content, then replace it with your own.

The filler below actually contains some really good
information you may to use to promote your business,
so you may want to save it before deleting.
Why Market With Email?
Email marketing has become a favored method of reaching
consumers among U.S. businesses. In a survey by the Direct
Marketing Association, two-thirds of companies say their
sales have increased because of email marketing, and
sixty-three percent credit email as the most effective way
to retain customers.

This isn’t so surprising given that email is the most
popular activity among Internet users. This popularity,
coupled with email’s cost-effectiveness as a marketing
vehicle, make it an important customer acquisition and
retention tool.
Email Marketing Basics
Before looking at the various ways you can use email
marketing, let’s examine how to make your campaigns more
effective. Like other marketing methods, when using email
you should pay attention to some basic rules of engagement.

1. Target Your Message

Put your messages in front of people who are most likely
to have an interest in your product or service. Know who
your product or service will benefit and where these people
can be found.

2. Offer Value

When people visit you by way of your promotions, create
an environment of value which puts your visitors in a
buying mode. That is… offer irresistible benefits, make it
effortless for people to see the benefits, create an
urgency in people to get the benefits from your product,
and make it easy to buy the benefits (your product or

3. Use Repetition

An integral part of successful marketing is your visibility
in front of potential buyers. Therefore, it’s important to
realize the necessity of putting your message in front
of people repeatedly. ___________________________________________________________
Track Your Marketing Results
This is an important consideration in understanding the
performance of your promotions. Tracking allows you to test
your promotions and zero in on things that work. Here some
ways to evaluate the results of your marketing efforts:

==> URL Tracking

One of the easiest ways to track responses to your
promotions is to code your URL. Simply add a special code
at the end of your link and then look at your log files to
view clickthroughs. You can use any code you like following
the question mark. The coding will look similar to this:

==> CGI Tracking

Using your CGI directory you can accomplish many tracking
tasks. CGI scripts run on your server, so you should be
versed in their installation or be prepared to pay for
installation from the supplier. You can use a free link
counter script such as LnkinLite at dtp-aus.com, or go
with a more powerful program as found at Adtrackz.com.

==> Tracking Services

If you prefer not to work with scripts, you can hire a
third party to track your campaigns from their server.
These services charge a monthly fee, but are well worth
it in terms of helping you pull the best results from your
advertising. Check out HyperTracker.com or ROIbot.com
to see the versatility these services offer.
Six Effective Ways To Market With Email
By targeting your market you bring in willing buyers. With
an attention to delivering value, you remove barriers that
hinder sales. Through repetition you’re able to demand
recognition, and with performance tracking you are able to
market with the greatest impact. Now you can market with
gusto! Here are six very effective methods:

1. Start an Opt-In Mailing List

This is a favored method of many email marketers. Those
who opt-in to your list have already shown an interest and
are ripe to receive your messages. Provide useful and free
information people can really use, and at the same time
offer services or products which cater to their needs.

To collect email addresses you can use a free cgi script
such as the one offered at WorldWideMart.com. Another
increasingly popular email collection technique is the
“one-click” script from OptInAutoMator.com.

To send out your messages you can use programs that run
on your computer or you can use an online service and avoid
all the techie stuff. Programs such as GroupMail from
Infacta.com and WorldMerge by ColoradoSoft.com are both
good choices for personalizing and sending mail from your
computer. Topica.com, Dundee.net, and Sparklist.com provide
reliable online distribution service.

2. Offer an Email Course

There are a couple of ways this can work. The first is
to offer a free email course from your site. Using an
autoresponder you can deliver your material in small
chunks over the period of a week or two.

Alternately, you could offer a valuable freebie that
requires your visitor to leave their email address before
claiming it. The delivery of your e-course becomes a
condition of claiming the freebie.

You can introduce your products and services within the
context of the e-course, but it should be done in a subtle
and casual manner. Just make sure you are enhancing
the information they first sought.

Overall, the idea is to create a relationship with people
— a trusting bond built upon your expert status and ability
to deliver truly useful information. This credibility
factor can result in sales long after the course is over.

3. Self-Submit Ads to Ezines

You can save some money and place ads in your own
hand-picked ezines. There are literally thousands of
ezines looking for advertisers, and if you’ve got the time
to browse directories such as EzineAdAuction.com or
EzineLocater.com, you’re bound to find many ezines that
target your market.

Placing classifieds is very cost effective and if you
choose well, you can see fantastic results. A few other
good ezine directories are EzineHub.com, EzinesPlus.com,
WebScoutLists.com, and MarketersMarket.com.

4. Advertise in Email Newsletter Networks

These services let you advertise in newsletters within
their network. The amount of time you’ll save is worthwhile
in itself, but the real value comes from being able to
profile your ad for specific target groups. Some reputable
networks include Opt-Influence.com, EzineAdHelper.com,
PennMedia.com, SodaMail.com, and ShagMail.com.

5. Rent-a-List

You can promote your business with a rented list.
Reputable companies providing this service maintain only
the email addresses of people who have agreed to receive
commercial email. Renting a list can be quite expensive
since you’ll pay as much as 25 cents per address, however
you can get some great results with a highly targeted list.
Safe list sources include BulletMail.com, HTMail.com,
PostMasterDirect.com, and HipLists.com.

6. Write Articles and Get Published

Many ezine publishers and site developers are hungry
for good content. Getting published in just one high-profile
ezine can give you exposure in front of thousands of
potential buyers.

Some prime spots to promote your articles are
IdeaMarketers.com, MakingProfit.com, and
GoArticles.com. Joining a few article announcement
lists from Groups.Yahoo.com is also a great way to get
published. Some popular lists include Article_Announce,
Free-Content, and ArticlePublisher.

In conclusion, email is without a doubt a very potent
marketing tool. It should be an integral component of your
marketing plan if your goal is spectacular results. And
what business doesn’t want that!

Article by Brett Krkosska. Get start-up guidance, business
ideas and inspiration at: http://homebiztools.com
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You can contact me anytime at you@yoursite.com

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Online Gambling Industry – These days!!!

Let’s start with this: The online Casino Industry is over $10billions big.

Since the casino industry has been shown on Internet, more players/subscribers go in.More than 5 years the market grows faster than the offline once, having in mind that the phrase “online casino” has more than 40 000 visitors per day – world wide.Yeah you red it right… more than 40 000 hits.Online Marketers find this industry with a lot of potencial, dealing with Roulette, Slots, Poker Games, Blackjack and all you can find in every casino, the great marketing tips on these online casino related sites start with bonuses, tricks, a long presentation of the online casino game you want to play and win of course.

Also there is one thing, that is not so attractive at all, running an Online Casino site Site.And that’s the hard running(managing).From developing to upgrading, the way seems to take really long time.But the market has its “players” with their sites, blogs and all the staff on the Internet now a days, connected with this active industry – everyone if them is holding its own part of it.

Just to mention some of the main benefits, which make the online casino more attractive and wanted:

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Here ar some stats:

♠ 70% women
♠ 80% between 25-54 years old
♠ 46% with income of $40,000 or more
♠ 51% college educated.
♠ 84% play at lotteries
♠ 50% play at Internet casinos
♠ 10% play at sports books
♠ 57% only play bingo online
♠ 65% spend over 4 hours online every day
♠ 80% have new computers
♠ 82% prefer to avoid downloaded software