21 Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic

Here is the Very Good 21 Techniques to Increase Traffics in our Blogs which Most of popular blogger are using in affiliate marketing blogging (problogging).

1) Choose the Right Blog Software (or Custom Build)
2) Host Your Blog Directly on Your Domain
3) Write Title Tags with Two Audiences in Mind
4) Participate at Related Forums & Blogs
5) Tag Your Content
6) Launch Without Comments (and Add Them Later)
7) Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon
8 ) Link Intelligently
9) Invite Guest Bloggers
10)Eschew Advertising (Until You’re Popular)
11)Go Beyond Text in Your Posts
12) Cover Topics that Need Attention
13) Pay Attention to Your Analytics
14) Use a Human Voice
15) Archive Effectively
16) Implement Smart URLs
17) Reveal as Much as Possible
18) Only One Post in Twenty Can Be Linkbait
19) Make Effective Use of High Traffic Days
20) Create Expectations and Fulfill Them
21) Build a Brand

So, having affiliate marketing blog or just blogging is a really common thing, that most webmasters do, they are blogging about things, that are familiar with. Every one can do ti.

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One thought on “21 Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic
  1. Here is a list of sources that you can use and take advantage of to boost visitor numbers:

    1. Web Directories
    2. Article Submissions
    3. Joint Ventures
    4. MySpace groups
    5. eZine sponsor/solo ads
    6. Pay-Per-Click engines
    7. Classified ads online/offline
    8. Squidoo lenses
    9. Search Engine optimization
    10. Banner campaigns
    11. Craigslist listings
    12. eBay items
    13. Facebook relationships
    14. Social Network – other
    15. Podcasting of mp3 files
    16. Social Shopping
    17. YouTube video sharing
    18. Link-placing and building
    19. Press Releases online

    Think about each of these and how
    you can duplicate and expand on
    getting your web site exposed to
    more people, seen and visited.

    To Your Success
    Bryan Hee

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